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update captain's log??

i watch how the moon
sits in the sky in the dark night
shining with the light from the sun
the sun doesn't give light to the moon assuming
the moon's going to owe it one
it makes me think of how you act to me
you do favors and then rapidly you just
turn around and start asking me about
things that you want back from me

i'm sick of the tension, sick of the hunger
sick of you acting like I owe you this
find another place to feed your greed
while I find a place to rest

i want to be in another place
i hate when you say you don't understand
(you'll see it's not meant to be)
i want to be in the energy, not with the enemy
a place for my head

maybe someday i'll be just like you and
step on people like you do and
run away the people i thought i knew
i remember back then who you were
you used to be calm, used to be strong
used to be generous but you should’ve known
that you’d wear out your welcome
now you see how quiet it is all alone

you try to take the best of me, go away!

this is the only linkin park song i have ever liked in my life. a few of them i can tolerate, a lot of them i hate, but i actually LIKE this one. i think because it not very emo and more filled with attitude. it is not whiney. rock music should be full of attitude, not some faggot emo guy crying all his mascara off. real rock = pantera. FUCKING HOSTILE!!!

i went to walmart today to buy some sudoku puzzles. apparently walmart is closing and moving to a new location, just a bit north. anyway i went in there and everything was on clearance and sitting in shopping carts and there were swarms of fat hillbilly people scurrying around and fighting over stuff. it was so crazy, THERE WERE COPS AT WALMART. and i was really stoned, so i just went to kmart. and i bought sudoku puzzles which are the most addictive and challenging game ever. it involves critical thinking. i spent the whole day doing them, I JUST COULDN'T STOP.

this weekend i'm working and blah blah. may possibly leave for canada tomorrow and work a bunch of days again. what else is there to do? my brain is rotting here while i do nothing. kinda wanna go back to college asap. need more money first though.

i don't have much else to say, i just wanted to post the lyrics to the only good linkin park song.
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