Tina Nina (noctina) wrote,
Tina Nina

so my birthday was today. well... yesterday, since it's 3am now.

i turned 21 and it wasn't even a big deal. just went to red lobster with jeff, had a nice dinner and ordered a drink. then i went home and we made tequila sunrise (my fave drink) and got pretty hammered and stoned. we just sat around for the most part...

i'm a bit stressed out. i recently had a complication with someone in canada, and i think it is in my best interest to quit my job in london and find work in the states. first, i am going to check out some clubs in lansing and maybe flint. if the money isn't good enough in michigan i am considering taking a trip... perhaps to ohio or one of the surrounding states. i have a pile of money saved for travel expenses, so i'm not exactly worried.

this is all happening at a weird time, because i'm supposed to be moving into the new house with my mom in the next 2 weeks. so the future is a bit uncertain... i definitely don't know what i'm going to do this weekend considering i don't have a club to work at right now. so i guess i'll be skipping a week.

anyways i have to get shit sorted out... that's about all i'm up to right now...

and i'm delirious so i'm going to bed.
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