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okay, so i pretty much dropped off the face of the earth for a while. if anybody wonders/cares about what happened to me, here's the scoop... short and sweet (hopefully) cuz i don't have much time on the internet anymore...

get ready for this, it's fucking GAY.

on october 10th, my mom went off the fucking deep end and lost her mind for good. she believed that her creepy 35 year old boyfriend was attracted to me (because he always checked me out like a PERV) and started to act all JEALOUS of me. she went on a rampage after he had left for work and flipped the fuck out on me, screaming and getting in my face. she had just bought a 3 bedroom house and we were supposed to be moving out of the little duplex. but she freaked out and told me all of a sudden that i wasn't allowed to live at her new house and that i needed to fuck off and get a place of my own. NO PROBLEM! i had plenty of money and would have moved out immediately, good riddens BITCH! i was sick of paying her fucking rent anyway. but the fight escalated and i got so pissed that i knocked a bunch of shit off the kitchen counter, including the salt and pepper shakers which broke on the floor. i went into my room and started packing. next thing you know i hear her pick up the phone, she was calling 911 to have me arrested! so i came out of my room and knocked the phone out of her hand and told her to basically FUCK OFF and stop being a psycho bitch and just leave me alone! i was about ready to leave, and next thing you know the police show up at the house, break down the door of my room and practically TACKLE me like a bunch of overzealous freaks, handcuff me and take me to jail for a night. my mom pressed charges on me for assault, claiming i had hit her and damaged her property. apparently it is also a misdemeanor to "interrupt a 911 phone call".

i spent the night in jail. wait, no, sorry... i didn't spend the night in jail. i spent the night in a HOLDING CELL with a slab of cement for a bed and a toilet in the corner, with glass windows where the police officers videotaped me, taunted me, and insulted me. it was completely traumatizing and by far THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. i cried in a corner for 24 hours straight.

i will never forget it. i wanted to fucking die.

so i had to bail myself out of jail which was hundreds of dollars, then i went to stay at my dad's house. since then my life has been a living hell with court dates and my entire savings account disappearing. and here's the terrible part: since i'm basically on probation for a year now, i'm not allowed to leave the state. that means that i can't go to canada, which means that i lost my job in london and can't see any of my friends anymore. if you're wondering, i am still dating jeff. i didn't realize how much he truly loved me until this happened... because he has been coming to the states every single weekend to visit me. other than that, i have no job and no friends and no money anymore. my mom has even stolen my cat... she took my cat to her new house and refuses to give it back to me. so i am really depressed about that too. my mom has taken everything from me in the most malicious way. she has straight-up lied about me to everyone. i did NOT hit my mom, and yet she pressed assault charges and completely fabricated everything on the police report. she also claims that i have never given her a dollar for rent money. BOLD-FACED LIE. i'm a fucking stripper, i had money coming out of my ass and gave her more money for rent than her boyfriend did. i handed her $300 in cash literally days before this happened. she denies it. i have never been so raging mad at someone in my life.

my mother hates me. she is a psychotic bitch and i will never forgive her for this. she stopped loving me when she divorced my dad and started dating all her new young boyfriends. she's lost her fucking mind, telling everyone that she wants to "start over again" and get rid of me. she wants to pretend like she doesn't have a daughter. i will never forgive her for sending me to fucking jail. NEVER.

my life has been ruined. all of the money i worked for and saved up has dwindled away.... and the court fines are still coming. i still owe about $2000, which includes the court-appointed lawyer and the whole pile of stupid fees.

out of desperation, i went down to detroit and was living out of hotel rooms while i tried to find a job at one of the strip clubs there. i started working at a club finally... and i was in for a world of surprises. strip clubs in detroit are much different than the ones in canada. they are dirty and rough. i am not dealing with polite little canadian dudes, i am dealing with gangster ghetto people from the fucking HOOD. would YOU want to be a stripper in detroit? just let me say that i have never been more stressed out in my entire life. it completely sucks.

anyway, i met this girl who's parents own a big house in detroit (like practically downtown). it's $650 a month plus utilities and we're splitting it in half, which means $325 plus half of the utilities for me. that is fucking kickass. i have the entire upstairs, 2 bedrooms and a balconey and a fireplace and wood floors. it is a beautiful old house. i am officially moving there in a week. my dad is taking me shopping for christmas and buying me a TV and an entertainment center and shit. i don't have a couch or a refridgerator though, which is pretty damn ghetto. but hey, i'll survive. if anyone has any old furniture or appliances or anything, SEND IT MY WAY!

oh, i also can't smoke weed anymore because of probation and drug testing and all that bullshit. speaking of weed... my mom's boyfriend was growing weed in our house. he had about 4 plants. when the cops showed up, they saw the weed and did nothing about it. that's right... they arrested the girl who broke her mom's salt and pepper shaker and did nothing about the drug dealer. i am completely disgusted by law enforcement. cops are a fucking joke.

so here's my challenge now: can i pay all of my court fees, tolerate working in the ghetto strip club and make decent enough money to pay for everything? only time will tell.

i'm really, really scared.

and i really hate life right now. you guys don't even understand how close i was to just saying fuck it. imagine having your life totally ruined in just one day, because of some stupid fight with your psycho mom who wants to get rid of you. if she would have chilled the fuck out and not called 911 for no goddamn reason, i would have taken all my money and moved into a nice apartment in port huron and continued going to canada and life would have been fantastic. now i'm stuck in the ghetto, 2 1/2 hours away from my boyfriend and everyone i used to know. don't even have my cat. i also have a permanent criminal record for breaking a fucking salt and pepper shaker and knocking a phone out of my mom's hand (aka "domestic violence"). thanks mom! the good thing is that my mom won't know where i live now, so i don't have to worry about her coming over and starting shit. she is a loose cannon and i don't want her around me ever again. she has no idea the misery she put me through and the money she cost me and everything. she is an immature, lying, selfish, psychotic, retarded whore. and she's dead to me. it's possible that she's reading this, too.... FUCK OFF, CUNT!

well, i'm done... wish me luck with life or whatever. if you don't have my cell and wanna talk to me for some reason, its 810 300 8080.

oh and here's a recent pic of me that i managed to take... i got a bunch of blonde highlights and a new haircut...

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