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back to square one

last friday was the freaking WORST. i went to work in detroit, and i talked to shelley (the girl who said back in november that she'd rent the upstairs of her house to me for $375 +half of utilities) and she said she had bad news for me. she has been telling me for a month that i'd be moving in the 2nd week of december, so my dad's got a trailer rented to haul all my shit and i'm ready to start moving. and then she tells me that her dad just informed her that he wants to charge $800 a month for the upstairs of the house, ALL OF A FUCKING SUDDEN. she had some whackass explanation about how her dad has backed taxes and blah blah. so of course i'm not going to pay $800 a month for the upstairs of someone's stupid house when i could get a whole place to myself for that much. and i don't wanna pay that much for rent anyway.

i'm just pissed that she was so nonchalant and unapologetic about it, basically screwing me over and changing her mind the second i was ready to move in. i was waiting the whole fucking time and could have been looking for another place. but i guess that's what i should expect from some skinny little black bitch who looks like a cracked out lil bow wow. yeah, i know that was mean.

so after i was informed of that, i had a terrible night and made practically nothing. i was ready to snap as i was walking out the door, and suddenly the bouncer got in my face and demanded my tip for him. bad timing. i refused, he said "fuck you", i flipped out and said "fuck you too!" and yelled to the manager that i quit and everyone in detroit can fuck off! the bouncer was yelling shit at me as i was walking out the door and i was knocking bitches over just to get outta there. i will never step foot in that shithole again. GOOD. GREAT.

so as of right now, i no longer have an apartment or a job. looks like i'm back to square one. so i went back to the drawing board.... and i also met my probation officer today. he was cool and said that as long as i met with him once a month and didn't get in trouble, that i'd be off probation in 6 months. no drug testing or anything. it makes sense since i DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING.

so i decided that right now i'm gonna go back to college and hopefully finish up. i only have 2 or 3 more semesters to go, then i'll be off probation and i'll have my degree and i can move to canada and continue school there and leave this shit behind me! as far as money goes, i live with my dad right now and i can afford the few bills i have, as i still have a little chunk of money left in my savings. i'll probably just get a regular job for a while and chill the fuck out. things will be like they used to again... maybe it will be a nice break. there's plenty of time to go dance and make a shitload of money again and get my own place. i'm sorry for the rambling, i just have to reassure myself that everything is still great. everybody says i'm such a strong person. the secret to that is denial.

you know the funny thing? i told jeff a long time ago that when i save up $5000 for an apartment, that's when i'll move out. i didn't wanna go get a place and have just enough money for the deposit and the first month. i wanted to have a little safety net of money, plus money for furniture and all the sweet shit i was gonna buy to furnish the place. i had that much on october 10th when my mom flipped out on me, and i keep wishing i could go back in time and just get a place sooner. half of the reason i stayed with my mom is because i knew she needed help with her rent and i wanted to help her. well, fuck that bitch.

i am looking forward to going back to college. i thought i'd never say this, but..... i miss homework. oh god. graphic design is fun and i miss having all kinds of projects to work on. YOU DIDN'T HEAR THAT.

also, when i'm in college and getting good grades, my dad is awesome. i was on the dean's list for 2 years, top percent of the college. my dad is far more inclined to buy me stuff when he's proud of me, and this could possibly result in a new car. pimpin.

i have to go cook dinner before he gets home though, since i'm the woman in the house now and i belong in the kitchen (ahahaha, i'm a girl and that shit is still funny)..

before i go, here is an incredibly adorable picture of jeff and i. it was taken october 1st (my 21st birthday). yeeeep.

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