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Dear Verizon,
I am writing this letter because I have tried numerous times to get this issue taken care of and I am sick of telling the same story over and over again to different people and getting nowhere. This is the last effort I am making to get this taken care of. You could consider this a complaint.

When I first got my cell phone, I signed up for the basic America's plan for 39.99/mo. My boyfriend lives in Canada and I called him a lot, which resulted in bills well over $100. I had spent some time in Canada with him and used my phone while I was there, so I had roaming charges as well. When I saw these bills I was furious, so I went into the store and talked to a guy who suggested that I upgrade to North America's plan which was 59.99 a month. I was really paranoid about getting another outrageous bill, so I asked the guy if North America's plan would eliminate roaming charges AND long distance charges. He told me that calls to Canada would be just like a call to America and that the only way my bill would be higher than 59.99 a month is if I went over my minutes. I never go over my minutes and usually only use about 200 per month. He gave me a Verizon brochure with a list of all the different plans, and on North America's plan it says "unlimited long distance to Canada, Puerto Rico, etc". So I went on my merry way, thinking that I would be paying 59.99 a month and that my bill would finally be predictable.
I started calling my boyfriend a lot more, thinking that I wasn't going to get charged extra because that is what the guy told me. I had some personal problems in my life and ended up having to move unexpectedly, and I missed a couple phone bills. I went into the store to pay everything that I owed, and I was told that I owe $800 because of phone calls to Canada. Again I was furious, and tried to explain that I had switched to North America's plan about 3 months ago. I was told that I never switched my plan because it wasn't in the computer, and that I needed paperwork to prove that I switched it. Of course I didn't have the paperwork anymore, I didn't think I would ever have to prove that I switched my plan! They refused to do anything about it, so I went into the store again and asked to speak with a manager. There was no manager there, so this lady had me call customer service and they tried to tell me that I had went over my minutes. I know for a fact that I have never went over my minutes because I constantly check my minutes using the #MIN feature on my phone. I honestly use about 200 minutes a month which isn't even half of what I'm allowed to use! So the lady on the phone finally acknowledged that I hadn't went over my minutes and she also acknowledged that I had switched my plan and did indeed have North America's plan. She told me my bills were going to be adjusted to 59.99 a month, but that I still had to pay $800 because of calls to Canada. I told her that doesn't make sense because North America's plan is supposed to include long distance to Canada, but she told me that North America's plan only eliminates roaming charges if I use my phone while I'm actually in Canada. I'm hardly ever in Canada because my boyfriend comes to America to visit me, so roaming charges weren't really a huge concern. The only reason I switched my plan was because the guy told me I could make calls to Canada and not be charged extra. All I wanted to do was call my boyfriend from my house! Everybody has told me something different and I am sick of being lied to. This is just an obvious attempt to rip me off $800 when I hardly even use any minutes. I am a college student and I don't have a lot of money, so I don't need to be paying $800 for talking on my cell phone for a couple hours. I switched my plan so that I wouldn't get ripped off anymore, and I'm still getting ripped off. If there is absolutely no way I can call Canada without getting charged ridiculous amounts of money, then I wish someone would have told me instead of lying to me and trying to scam me.

So this is your last chance to straighten this situation out and stop ripping me off. Ever since I got my cell phone it has been a nightmare and yet Verizon calls itself the best cell phone company with the best customer service. So stop abusing your customers, adjust my bill and I would gladly pay what I owe (59.99 a month) and continue to be a Verizon customer. If you insist that I owe $800, I WILL NOT PAY ANYTHING and you will lose a customer and never get any money. I have friends who use Verizon and their contracts are almost up, so I will just recommend T-Mobile to everyone that I know. You are going to lose a lot of customers if you continue to scam people like this. I am starting to wonder if I am going to need a lawyer to straighten this out. I hope that you will be fair and forget this completely absurd $800 bill and allow me to pay 59.99 a month, or whatever the plan costs that will allow me to call Canada. All I ever wanted was to avoid nasty surprises whenever my bill came. I always get the best signal with my Verizon phone and I would like to continue my service with no further complications.

Tina E****

how fucked is that shit?

hahaha, i was just totally mindfucked. there was this commercial on tv with this kid who's on the phone with his mom, and he's like "i'm staying at my friends house for dinner, i swear his parents are here!" and the mom insists on talking to the friend's mom because she didn't believe him, and the friend's mom verifies everything and is like "yeah he's having dinner at our house tonight!" and i thought it was gonna be one of those commercials encouraging parents to always know where their kid is, ask questions, keep the kids out of trouble, etc. AND THEN IT'S LIKE... BUY THE NEW KFC CHICKEN BUCKET WITH MASHED POTATOES AND BISCUITS FOR THE BEST DINNER EVER BLAH BLAH BLAH. a fucking kfc commercial.

in another news, i've been watching american idol because there's not much else to do after i get done with a day of applying for jobs and homework. i think the most hilarious moment was when that backstreet boy-wannabe guy started arguing with the judges about how he's a good singer and simon was like "you look like one of those creatures in the jungle with the massive eyes" and paula is like "bushbabies?" ahahahahah. the guy had HUGE ASS EYES and was all skinny and weird looking. i hate american idol but i like the beginning of each season when all the crappy people are auditioning. i don't give a shit about the show when the same people are singing songs every day and getting emotional. plus, bo bice lost to carrie underwood. SHE SINGS COUNTRY, AND HE IS A ROCK STAR. i have no faith.

i have a term paper coming up for my class, and it is about art history (i have to choose like, a particular type of art from a certain period) but i'm looking forward to doing it. i have enjoyed taking graphic design in college for the most part. i love art and that will never change. i went to this graphic design place the other day to inquire about an internship since that's one of my graduation requirments, and the guy was all "yeah, baker college students always seem to know a lot" but i decided i'm not going to do the internship yet because the guy said they won't pay, and i kinda need a job that pays. i can't just fuck around with an internship right now.

i am painting my room soon. the color scheme in my dad's house is fucking hideous. i have peach walls and this pea green shag carpet. i'm not even joking. i am kinda weird when it comes to obsessing about how peoples houses are decorated. most people just put stupid random non-matching hillbilly shit from the 70's everywhere. how does that create a pleasant atmosphere at all? i am planning on painting my walls a dark, kinda muted purple... like grayish purple. the ceiling is going to be white, and the carpet is going to be a light gray. the comforter on my bed is white with black roses on it, and i have a black dresser, so i'm gonna kinda stick with black and white as far as decorations go, and lots of silver. i would kick ass at interior design. this is going to be fun.

my mom decided to give me my cat back, she dropped it off the other day. so now i have my kitty to hang out with too. i kinda feel like i'm back in my comfort zone again. there is nothing to do in yale and my dad shelters me. all i can do is just hang out at the house. i have no fucking money anymore, but who cares? what do i need to buy? it sure doesn't look like i'm going to have a verizon bill anymore! plus, i went grocery shopping with my dad and made him buy lots of good food, so i can just sit around and eat. i am terrible when it comes to eating out of boredom and just eating a lot when there's lots of food around me. no self control at all. but i must weigh around 110 at this point, so bring it on! there were so many days in these past couple months where i didn't eat a single thing.

i am starting to feel better. every saturday, my dad drives me to class and then jeff comes to visit and picks me up after class and brings me home. i hardly even have to drive anymore, and i get to see my boyfriend every single weekend. last weekend we went to cracker barrel (mmmmm, good old hillbilly food!) and went shopping, and jeff bought me a new coat, pants, shirts, and underwear. i feel so completely spoiled. i've never had a boyfriend go into a girly store with me and tell me to just pick out some clothes and he'll buy them. i almost feel guilty because i'm not used to it. so today i bought him a coffee mug (he loves his coffee) that says "i love you" and filled it with strawberry mentos because it's our favorite candy. i didn't spend much money but i had to do SOMETHING. i love him and don't wanna ever take him for granted. he's so cute, we always go to meijers and i see stuffed animals in those little claw machines. i saw this little black puppy with reindeer antlers on its head and a little red bow around its neck, and i said it was cute. so we start putting in quarters and jeff finally got it for me after spending like $12, hahah. i love him.

so did you hear about bush's new plan to send more troops to iraq? all i wanna know is WHY? the reasons for going to iraq were fear of weapons of mass destruction, and getting rid of saddam hussein. nevermind the fact that saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 and he's been an evil dictator for many years along with the dictator of north korea, and we never did shit about him before. nevermind the fact that there was never any evidence of weapons of mass destruction and we acted on mere suspicion. those issues have been taken care of, thusly WE DO NOT HAVE ANY REASON TO BE IN IRAQ ANYMORE. we are just hanging out in iraq, waiting for random fuckheads to blow shit up and add more numbers to the casualties. there aren't men in different colored uniforms, there are children with bombs strapped under their clothes. who the hell are we even fighting? the mideast is fucking crazy. i feel bad for anyone who is sent there. it takes some serious balls and i'm rooting for all of the soldiers. this is the concept that kerry was trying to get across, "i support the troops but not the war".

anyway, i'm done. i'm taking a bath and then scouring the kitchen for food.
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