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it's okay to be crazy

what the hell is crazy? everyone's fucking crazy. please find me a sane person in this world, and don't you dare bring me a psychologist because educated people are just as fucked up. if you want sane, listen to buddha. you'll know its true because he'll make more sense than anything you've ever heard.

so getting the fact that i'm crazy out of the way, i don't care because anyone who could call me that is crazy too if not crazier for calling someone else crazy.

i love it, life brings you rainbows and then thunderstorms all over you for months. but what's that quote? it's not about getting through the storm, it's about learning to dance in the rain. yeah... i might need some medication for that. i can remain calm in situations of complete fuckery however, and even predict them! it never really helps me prepare though. at least i've been through so many storms i can handle anything. bring me a fucking hugo size hurricance, i swear to god i will be left standing.

i cant stop.

why this constant fear of future failure? the future has not come, so it does not matter. i put energy into the current moment and because of that, i live. and when the future comes i will look back at everything i've done, and i will still live.

i'm ready to hit the road, detach from everything, and begin the adventures i need. there is no boyfriend or place that can tie me down, i've tried to be tied down and i always end up back to this. i don't think that is meant to happen for me. i don't believe anyone is crazy enough to handle me.

i've been living in south carolina since april and i've realized that i want nothing to do with the south, ever. nice weather, bad everything else. sorry southerners... but i really can't deal with you guys. yes, YOU GUYS. that's two english words. ya'll is not. get it? also, i don't need to be around racism, inconvenienced by people who have no respect for anyone else's time and are too incompetent to function, and frustrated by everyones lack of ability to understand HOW FUCKING RUDE THEY ACT. i'm just gonna leave and let them keep believing they're good people...

i'm taking off to south dakota, north dakota, montana, wyoming. i'm really excited about all that because i'm obsessed with nature. then i'm going to new york, philly, that general area... i'm thinking it'll be fun there.

yeah... i'm going places. i may just be going nowhere, but wherever i'm going i'm not going to stop trying to get there. i have some awesome plans brewing... let's do this.
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